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Zircon metal free crown

Zircon metal free crown

Zircon metal free crown (zirconia ceramics) - the most advanced system of compensation of the tooth that is applied in aestetich dentistry. In addition to the functionality, today is more important to meet the high aesthetic demands of patients. The aesthetics of teeth and dentures has become a priority for patients. Crowns made of zircon solve one of the greatest aesthetic and health problems of patients.

The advantages of nonmetal zirconia ceramics

• Aesthetic superiority to metal-ceramic works. Superior aesthetics - zirconium oxide as a natural material is most similar to the natural tooth, transparent, strong and slightly pearly white. Making zirconia crowns are recommended because of their many aesthetic advantages. Due to the absence of metal beneath the ceramic tooth is transparent and has natural look, so it is difficult to distinguish from other teeth. Excellent light-permeable and therefore teeth looks authentically, so there is no fear that someone will notice that it is not a natural tooth. The skeleton of zirconia can be made in all colors of the tooth, which guarantees a long life, without the appearance of black metal edges, due to the receding gum with ages. Smile, that you get in this way is absolutely natural.

• Complete biocompatibility of materials. It does not cause allergic reactions - is considered to be an allergic reaction to foreign objects in the body occurs in about 30% of people. A large number of patients with metal-bridges suffer from allergic reactions due to the large amount of nickel in the alloy metals. After over a year of application of zircon in medicine (artificial hips, hearing aids ...) did not come forward local or systemic allergic reactions.

• Absence of bimetallism with the ceramic works - Long-term performance, due to the high mechanical resistance and total absence of corrosion in the mouth. Saliva can act as an electrolyte if there are more different metals in the mouth and allow the creation of low-voltage levels between the two metals, for example. a metal-ceramic crowns and fillings. Zircon is known as one of the hardest oxide. Firmness of works is 4 times higher than the metal that is used for metal ceramic works. Persistence and not changing its physical and chemical characteristics even after long years spent in the mouth. This feature allows the oxide crown or bridge protects the tooth from irritation and damage because of sweet or acidic foods, from aggressive liquids and corrosion. X-ray transparency - zirconium missed RTG-rays, and is one of the few materials in which early and reliable diagnosis of caries in teeth shooting does not need to remove dental compensation. Strength, comfort, ease and neutral taste - the patient can not occur in the mouth, metallic taste, which is possible with the metal - ceramic restorations. One can eat a variety of foods - taking a cold meal after a hot beverage, and at the same time the patient does not feel any discomfort.

• Reduces the risk of irritation of the nerves, because of the low thermal conductivity of the materials and the necessary minimum tooth preparation. Full mechanical resistance is achieved already with a thickness of 0.4 mm.

It has a beneficial effect on the gingiva with which it comes into contact.

• Lack of dark discoloration of the gingiva at the junction of crown and gums which can sometimes occur in the teeth with a metal surface.

The price. Because of the costly and long-term development of this technology, expensive CAD-CAM machines and expensive production process, nonmetal crowns are more expensive than metal-works. However, taking into account the relationship between price and quality, we can say that the relationship is on the side of metal-free ceramics.

About author

A specialist in periodontology and oral medicine. She finished secondary medical school '7 April ", the direction of a dental technician. School of Dental Medicine in Novi Sad, after which end becomes part of our team. Specialist studies, two years in Belgrade and one year in Novi Sad, ended in 2016. She attended several courses in the field of prosthetics, prosthetics on implants, zirconia ceramic crowns and veneers. Exceptional in aesthetic dentistry, and her favourite slogan is that perfection is not a job, but a habit.

dr Ivana Vukotic

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