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Recession - receding gums

Recession - receding gums

Gingival recession - receding gums can not be considered a disease, but it is a change that eventually creates different problems and that everyone should be treated. A characteristic feature of this phenomenon was the withdrawal of gingiva in the absence of signs of gingival inflammation and exposure tooth neck, which carries a subjective feeling of discomfort in terms of increased tooth sensitivity to thermal and mechanical stimulation. In addition to these symptoms, gingival recession and exposed tooth root, resulted in the accumulation of harmful bacterial products, which increases the risk of degradation of the cement of the tooth root caries and tooth neck, as well as the gradual gingivitis. Gingival recession, the patient usually perceived as an aesthetic problem, especially in the frontal parties of dental arch, which is usually the trigger reporting to the dentist.

The causes of the gums recession can be
OCCLUSAL TRAUMA. Occlusal trauma occurs When closing a jaw some teeth come into contact before the other teeth and then leads to their overloading (trauma). Then comes the destruction of the gums and bone tissue. There are two causes of early tooth contact. The first is the loss of teeth when it comes to tilting the remaining teeth in the jaw and their displacement and then comes to improper loading of the teeth. Also, the problem is "warming up" the tooth from the opposite jaw in the newly created space. Another reason for the Orthodontic anomalies of the teeth and / or dental arches. Due to the irregular arrangement of teeth in the jaw comes to uneven loads. In this case, can lead to difficulty in cleaning the oral cavity due to inaccessibility of certain parts of the fork which can be very bad. POOR TECHNIQUE tooth brushing can cause gum recession. One should avoid aggressive washing teeth (higher pressure than is necessary, too hard brushes, tooth brushing horizontal movements). HIGH merged frenulum and PLIKA- due to alterations in the development of attachment frenulum and plika (mucosal folds in the mouth) may be close to the edge of the gingiva. Then, during the chewing of food, mime, brushing teeth, etc., transmitted through them traction on the gums causing the edges of the right separates from the teeth and leads to its displacement and deforestation tooth neck. INADEQUATE prosthetic Seals can be the cause gum recession.

The reasons why is necessary to rehabilitate the recession are as follows:
• Aesthetic / cosmetic requirements
• Sensitization of root surface
• Arise carious lesions on the root surface
• Defects are formed in the surface of the roots (cervical abrasion)
• It is necessary to change the position of the marginal tissue to facilitate the implementation of oral hygiene

Before each surgical correction of gingival recession is necessary to change the inadequate habits of patient.
• The first step towards that change the way you brush your teeth will show the patient a specialist periodontist. Patients must understand that the only way to therapies such defects was successful,
• The second step is to tissue before the operation must be completely free of plaque and tartar,that not bleed. Procedures are not performed on patients who have poor oral hygiene and where the tissue is inflamed because the constant presence of plaque in the whole tissue, preventing its adequate treatment and does not lead to the desired result.

It is also necessary to eliminate traumatic contact selective sanding teeth, compensate extracted tooth - prosthetic rehabilitation, correction of improper position of the dentist with orthodontic treatment, surgical correction of the high set frenulum and blister, inadequate replacement of prosthetic devices.

Today, through various surgical techniques to cover the exposed roots of the teeth, and in the management of the recession. Certain surgical procedures can be eliminated resulting cosmetic defects, solve the problem of exposed tooth roots, prevent root caries of cement, which is the most important, provide conditions for efficient control of dental plaque.

The gum recession is important to recognize it as a condition that is not natural, which has the cause of so and consequences, and it is therefore important to diagnose and treat in time.

All details on how to behave after the operation, which was aimed overlap root canal, the patient will receive from the periodontist. In the project area overlaps the roots are often used grafts from the palate to make up for the lost soft tissue. Patients should not be afraid of this procedure, which is highly anticipated, although it should be borne in mind that every surgical procedure associated with a certain risk.

Patients are often skeptical regarding the durability of the results achieved. If the above conditions are established before the procedure is done, the stability of the results achieved for years is very high.

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A specialist in periodontology and oral medicine. She finished secondary medical school '7 April ", the direction of a dental technician. School of Dental Medicine in Novi Sad, after which end becomes part of our team. Specialist studies, two years in Belgrade and one year in Novi Sad, ended in 2016. She attended several courses in the field of prosthetics, prosthetics on implants, zirconia ceramic crowns and veneers. Exceptional in aesthetic dentistry, and her favourite slogan is that perfection is not a job, but a habit.

dr Ivana Vukotic

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